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How Prevent Diabetes Works
Learn healthy habits that last a lifetime with this complimentary online lifestyle change program.

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Track Your Food and Activity
  • Free Fitbit® scale to track your weight and syncs with wearable pedometers. 
  • Review with your coach what you're eating and how you're moving.
Take Online Lessons
  • 16 weekly + 8 monthly lessons accessible via web or mobile app. 
  • Learn key concepts you’ll use to achieve your goals, such as healthy eating, physical activity, overcoming barriers, solving problems, and more. 
Achieve Your Goals
  • Fits into your lifestyle, making it easier and enjoyable to meet your health goals. 

Hear from our participants

"I came into this program not really knowing what to expect. I was incredibly surprised to find how easy it was to incorporate this into my everyday life. They give you so many tools and information to make the changes to meet your goals. The best part is the amazing support from the one-on-one coach. Not only that, but this also sets you up for success to continue the lifestyle after the program has ended. I honestly believe if I didn't join this program, I wouldn't be where I am today." 

Jessica R

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Receive Personalized Coaching Support
  • Support in making lifestyle changes that help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. 
  • Support to make healthier food choices, become more physically active, manage stress, lose weight and keep it off. 
Still not sure Prevent Diabetes is right for you?
Prevent Diabetes is all about you and meeting your health needs to help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. You'll learn how to:

"I've battled with my weight all my life and had ups and downs and when my doctor told me I had type 2 diabetes and that I had to lose the weight I wasn't sure how I was going to succeed. This program has taught me simple things to change to set me up for success to have a healthier life with some lifestyle changes. My coach has given me a lot of support and tips to keep on track and I am still achieving small victories one day at a time. Since starting less than 6 months ago my A1C has dropped from an 8 to 5.4. I am happier and feel more energetic. This program has made it possible for me to believe in myself and gave me the hope. I am glad I joined because I honestly don't think I would be in the better health that I am in now."

Kristen W


What You Get
  • Personal health coach to support and help you overcome barriers
  • Activities to help you reach your goals 
  • FREE Fitbit® digital scale that uploads your weight to your profile
  • Mobile app with 24/7 access to lessons + online tracking tools 
  • Technical support
  • Eat healthier without giving up foods you like 
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Manage stress and build confidence
  • Overcome barriers and build healthier habits